Cheap NHL China jerseys game

Cheap NHL China jerseys game

NHL China Tournament | O.R.G. brings a group of Chinese brands to the NHL China Tournament Shenzhen Station, the authentic North American professional ice hockey experience is cool skr people

The first game of the 2018 O.R.G. NHL China Tournament officially kicked off at the Shenzhen Universiade Center. The two NHL China jerseys teams, the Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames, presented a wonderful game to everyone with the cheers and cheers of 10,218 spectators. A thrilling battle of the two heroes. In the end, with the lore in the free-kick shooting battle, the Boston Bruins, who played as the visiting team, beat the Calgary Flames 4-3 to get a good start.

NHL China

In addition to enjoying high-level professional ice hockey events, fans who attended the game also experienced the authentic North American ice hockey culture in a series of cultural experience activities such as FanFest Fan Carnival and Passionate Opening Show. A group of Chinese brands headed by O.R.G. Participation and appearance in this Chinese competition has also become a unique and beautiful landscape inside and outside the competition.

Although the weather in Shenzhen is extremely hot today, the NHL China game held in Shenzhen for the first time still attracted a large number of fans and citizens. Before entering the stadium, the official NHL League teamed up with several sponsors of the China Games – O.R.G. Packaging, Tsingtao Brewery, Lynk & Co, and Want Want Group to hold an outdoor free FanFest fan carnival outside the stadium.

Touch the King of Cups – Stanley Cup and take a photo with it, interact and take photos with the mascots of the Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames, and experience ice hockey simulation games under the guidance of professional coaches… Citizens and ice hockey fans had a great time and experienced the charm and fun of ice hockey.

It is particularly worth mentioning that this carnival has introduced some of the most classic simulated actual combat game experiences in the previous carnivals of the NHL League. Professional equipment; “Shooting Practice” exclusively brought by Tsingtao Brewery is equipped with an automatic server; “Becoming a Goalkeeper” exclusively brought by O.R.G. Packaging allows fans to experience a professional game wearing a 50-pound weight Take the fun of defending the goal; the “Youth Ice Rink” exclusively brought by Want Want is specially set up for confrontation training; “Skill Battle” is for hitting angle training. Several games range from easy to difficult, allowing fans with no hockey foundation to get started quickly.

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